upstream marketing

The Upstream Optimization Challenge

Your business is likely leaking cash & customers like a boat with 1000 microscopic holes...

So what happens when your competition are just a bit more watertight?
Say 9% better conversion, 17% better customer retention, and 4% better attraction.

Q: Do they do 10% more business than you (the average of the above)?

A: an emphatic 'NO'!

Here's exactly what's happening:
 1.09 x 1.17 x 1.04 = 1.326.  That's 33% more sales than you...
Give that a moment to sink in.... 33% more sales through strategic optimization.
Now here's the kicker: what would you do with that kind of savings & extra revenue?
If you answered "Re-invest in customer acquisition!" You're starting to get the idea.
Now you're looking at 50-75% more sales resulting from optimization at the main leverage points.

What would that kind of lift mean to your business? Could it mean the difference between sink or swim?

Upstream Optimization Solutions

It's high time to plug those holes:

• Deconstruct your Unique Value Proposition - we'll go WAY upstream
• Determining your unique selling propositions (USPs) will keep you focused & sharp
• Website optimization audits dramatically improve your visitor-to-customer conversion
• New & existing market research will expand your reach
• Online advertising strategies will let you slip around your competition
• Proper back-linking to give your site exposure & improve our search engine ranking
• Basic search engine optimization (SEO) will move your site up in search engine results
• Simplifying your message will keep your visitors focused & ready to take action
• Switching to Conversational Design methods will keep your visitors engaged & on-site
• Lasting customer incentives to keep them coming back
• Riveting ad copy & website content will grab their attention
• Begin tracking user behaviour to allow you to make informed decisions on marketing ROI
• Testing ads & website content will dramatically increase your PPC ROI
• Advertising spend audits to stop those $$ leaks
• Analysis & reports on the effectiveness of changes will let you sleep peacefully
• Standards-compliant web design / development will make Google your friend

Expect S.M.A.R.T. results:  • Specific  • Measurable  • Attainable  • Relevant  • Time bound

We move strategically into uncharted waters - reducing your risk, while
finding the perfect new spawning grounds for your business.

“Focus. Just start doing. Done trumps everything.”

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