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15 Minute Quick Starts (at my cost)

During your 15-minute Quick Start we'll uncover what's standing between you & where you want to be. Available Monday and Thursday, 3pm Eastern.

* Note I do only four Quick Starts each month, so reserve your spot while it's available.

We'll analyze the upstream causes of the challenges facing you right now. It'll be a real eye-opener - guaranteed. My style is straight-forward, thorough, & I prefer to get things done - efficiently. That saves us both valuable time.

To guarantee your spot for a Quick Start, phone or email me below.

If our 15 minute Quick Start session doesn't change your perspective on what's holding back your business, we'll leave it there - you've probably lost more time waiting for your lunch to warm up. But if you have the ah-ha! moment (& I expect you will), we can review our discussion, uncover the best strategies and compile a plan of concrete actionable steps. We'll get your business moving in a better, faster, stronger direction right out of the gate.

While Quick Starts are at my cost, my regular hourly rate is $150 / hr. Prepare for a jam-packed hour; my clients rave I over-deliver.

For longer term objectives, retainer fees are available at very reasonable rates:

Weekly Retainer Rates 1
max 4 hours / week max 6 hours / week max 10 hours / week
$490 $660 $990

1 Retainer privileges: meetings anytime Saturday to Friday, 11:00am - 7:00pm EST.
   Hours cannot be carried over to a following week.
   Your vacation time is accommodated with retainer 'pauses'.
   Pre-payment by Paypal or major credit cards is accepted. Use my payments page.

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Start by saying hello. You're welcome to connect with me any way you prefer:

Toronto, Canada

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Client Checklist

My clients are:

✓ Positive
✓ Partnership-oriented decision makers
✓ Big thinkers that embrace change for the better
✓ Leaders who genuinely understand the value of their employees
✓ Naturally collaborative (they contribute to and focus on solutions)
✓ Continually seeking out valuable personal and professional relationships
✓ Partnering with people that have complimentary skill sets
✓ Excited about the ROI of efficiency and looking for leverage points
✓ Energized by input and collaborative efforts
✓ Leave me with more energy rather than less
✓ Leaders who resolve problems in even-handed, efficient ways
✓ Looking for open feedback, and take action when they get it
✓ Looking to gain concrete value from our relationship
✓ Rapid, completion-oriented responders (talk today, done tomorrow)
✓ Prepared to follow through on agreed proposals & projects
✓ Able to put dedicated project management resources in place
✓ Rewarding action & completion more than great ideas that are never implemented
✓ A lot of fun to work with