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“I've just worked with Al on one of his projects. I found him a pleasure to work with: clearly smart and savvy, amiable, and a great communicator. He managed a call with a team of 6 or 7 people with diverse skills and the result was fantastic. Pleasure to work with!”
testimonial | Author, Owner, Ben Hunt Limited

“Although I only recently got to work with Al, it was clear he was a seasoned professional in our industry, with both depth and breadth of understanding. During our recent client consultancy, he was able to rapidly focus in on problem areas and how best to overcome these based on several important new insights we were able to explore. From this he created an action plan which will take this client forward significantly within a short time. I'd unhesitatingly recommend Al to any company looking for mature and experienced guidance with marketing challenges.”
testimonial | Google Agency Partner EMEA,

“I've really enjoyed working with Al. He's shown a high level of understanding of testing methodologies, is very professional & easy to work with. Our biggest challenge was to find a copywriter that was versed in conversion optimization procedures and able to work with a variety of clients. Al's been able to do this very successfully. The copy he's written has produced some excellent results - it's strong, and works well in our conversion tests. The projects that we've worked on together have seen very positive results for our clients and for us; and winning variations result in more business! Looking forward to working on future projects together.”
testimonial | Account Manager, WiderFunnel Marketing Optimization

“It's hard for me to admit that somebody else might know my business better than I do, but my online store had a serious cart abandonment problem, so I decided to seek Al's help to fix it. In just one short meeting, he pointed out a few simple changes I could make immediately. I appreciated that he worked within the constraints of the system that I had, which means I didn't have to make any expensive structural changes to my website to begin seeing results. The results are fantastic -- I've only had the time to implement half his suggestions so far, and I've already seen a significant increase in conversions.”
testimonial | Owner, Morpheus Clinic,,

“Since we started working with Leadinglobal, our business has improved considerably due to our increased visibility online. Al's worked with us as an online marketing consultant & site designer, going above and beyond to help us expand and gain an edge in a highly competitive market. Simply put, he's has helped us focus on where we want our business to be.”
testimonial | Owner, BLVD Interiors, Toronto Canada

“Al started working with us in the fall of 2006. At the time, we had no online marketing strategy, and our advertising in print was completely ineffective & costly. Al introduced us to new systems, taking a step-by-step approach and showing us research to minimize our costs & risk. We're very happy with the results. The coordination of many efforts by Leadinglobal has been the key to making this a success for us. We now have a website that is a profitable sales tool, and we constantly get new customers from our advertising. Al has helped our company generate a significant base of valuable new customers.”
testimonial | Owner, Frames & Pictures, Toronto, Canada

“Al's covered a wide spectrum of work with us - from ad design, PPC, to copywriting & conversion optimization. His knowledge is extensive and valuable to the work we carry out every day. I'd absolutely recommend Al as a full-service marketing consultant - in particular, his work on copywriting, advertising optimization & landing page optimization have all contributed positively to our business. His input is sizable, regularly taken into consideration and implemented, & more often than not available when & where it's needed most! Great Results, Expert.”
testimonial | 360SQUARE Marketing, Birmingham, UK

“Al - thank you very much for your constant cooperation and support in providing regular feedback to us, which has helped us to really improve our work and release our next software upgrade. This will really help us to stay on the right path. We have now released the next version of our video module - look forward to more updates coming your way. Thanks a million for your valuable support!”
testimonial | Viztech Solutions Limited

“Al continues to amaze me with his forward thinking concepts and strategies. I've probably missed out on making a fortune by not implementing Al's search engine optimization and domain name investment advice. Better late than never - his commitment is near one of a kind.”
testimonial | Real Estate Expert @

“Al is an excellent coworker. What we liked most about the process was that Al was a good listener. We needed to present all of our company's benefits and Al managed to figure out the core of the problems, implement solutions & bring all this new information to the next proposal. Our site's presentation is now more confident, and improved in many other areas; the whole process saved us a lot of time and delivered good results. Thanks, Al!”
testimonial | a51 / activeCollab

“Al has been very generous with lending a helping hand to me as I work through building the Web site for my non-profit. His depth of knowledge runs deep, but when he explains technical matters, he is able to lay things out in a detailed, yet easy to understand manner. A turbo-charged thanks to him for all his help.”

“I had a short list of people to help with my website and decided to go with Al because I felt he would bring a creative perspective to the ideas I had. The experience was great in so many ways! Al and I collaborated well together - he was open and attentive to my thoughts and desires for my business and website while also bringing a wealth of ideas and perspectives I had not considered. He had a nice balance of enthusiasm and introspection on this project and brought innovative technical insight so that we could explore many possibilities. On top of that, he was true to his deadlines and commitments while being responsive to my questions. I have already recommended Al to a friend!” Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

“Al has been a great resource for my company, Greeno Bambino, providing valuable consulting expertise in the area of e-commerce site optimization. His thoughtful, analytical approach, balanced with a realistic understanding of my business and its needs and resources, has resulted in very useful guidance and direction.” Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity
| Owner, Greeno Bambino

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